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Visual: Correspondence

The Correspondence project came about through the desire of two artists to create a collaborative work between their respective artistic practices; music and video. The intention is that by combining their individual knowledge and points of reference, each artist can enrich the work of the other.
The principle of the exchange is the same as the old parlor game, ‘consequences’: a video produced by one of the artists is completed by sound created by the other. This initial exchange invites a reply, creating a chain of correspondence between the two artists. Often abstract or experimental, the videos of the series could be narratives. They often reflect the feeling of the moment. To begin with, the artists sent each other files burnt to disks through the post, now, thanks to faster broadband speeds, the exchange has become electronic. Over the course of time, Correspondence has become an experimental laboratory, its purpose; the exploration of the relationship between sound and image.
In 2016, I was part of the the fourth session of Correspondence. This time it involved artists from Austin, Texas and Angers, France.
Correspondence  #27 video: Anthony Palomba    music: Vincent Fribault
In this correspondence, I focused on the video side of the collaboration. Vincent sent me the audio and I came up with a visual interpretation to go along with it. I explored the use of contemplative nature based video shots, juxtaposed with composited generative form.

Correspondence  #52 video: Anthony Palomba    music: Gerome Godet
This time I came up with the video part of the correspondence.  Another meditation, this one on the transformation of the sky combined with form evoking symbolic language and communication. Gerome received my correspondence and paired with an audio creation of his own.